Cumberland Crossings: A Memoir Written by L.A. Michels

My personal spiritual transformation in healing repetitive cycles of toxic, narcissistic abusive relationships and how the twin flame and soulmates intertwine.

“A heartfelt story of a personal journey filled with multidimensional love, pain, and healing of narcissistic abuse in relationships and the involvement of soulmates and twin flame connections intertwining throughout the process .”

Breaking Through Blockages

Self-Discovery happens in Silence

What is blocking you from your True Life Partner?  Reach deep with in to find out who you are and why your love life is not fulfilling the ultimate potential.  If you've met that "one" situation or person that has you stumped... Let's look closer!  In this workshop we will look at blockages and how to remove them.  You Are Worth It! psychic author spiritual

2020 Manifesting A New Beginning

Spiritual miracles of illusions

Begin 2020 with new tools, techniques and spiritual information that will help you align and bring in what you want in your life!  Love? Career? Change is what makes it happen...Take that step!

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Pisces - Truth Comes Out & Love Returns

All Zodiac Signs- Psychic Tarot 2019 Monthly Reading by Ascending Souls Journey.  ** All Signs can be found on YouTube

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